• 5 Ways To Style Bell Bottoms!


    Mostly, girls love high-waisted bell-bottoms pants for some seasons. And may they feel fancier than the skinny plaid jeans. Bell-bottoms can be very flattering, and they balance out your hips and elongate the pair of your legs. You never go wrong with these styles; it is super flared jeans that remember the type of 70s.

    Boutiques in Mansfield, TX, have one of those things that are always in style, and definitely, they are more coveted. Once you try these styles, you will become a fan of them forever. Here we have given some tips about how to style bell-bottoms.

    How to style bell-bottoms?

    The more flattering style bottoms allow a longer line on your body; it may work with your preferred shoes. If you want them to kiss the ground, definitely go longer and have them puddle a bit. If your leg is super wide, keep things smarter and fitted up top. It will be less overwhelming on your body and will be much more flattering.

    1. Wear shoes with bell-bottoms

    Shoes always seem elegant with bottoms. Your jeans with boots for girls always give the chunky and tall look. Your jeans and shoes are not a mess or too short. Almost all girls personally love this pair. In summer with bell-bottoms, add wedges, and for fall and winter, add chunky booties. Do you want to keep the length of your jeans in your mind? Always try to touch the ground.


    2. How to dress bell-bottoms

    To dressing bell-bottoms, you should follow the 2021 women's jeans trend. Whenever you feel to put it together for a casual business meeting, usually grab the bell bottoms. It looks almost like trousers, with it, you just need to and blouse-style tops and a blazer for the office. You will look good; in springtime, add a pretty sweater; it is also nice tucked in.


    3. Accessories with bottom

    Just like your lovely skinny jeans, you can also add accessories with bell-bottoms as like the same. Add a great belt to look polished, also add a pretty tote bag or clutch. Or also, add some modern style trendy jewelry to complete your outfit. Try the bell-bottom with these accessories now, and make you different from the world. Moreover, swap the regular flare jeans too.


    4. Business casual style bottom

    When you are ready for your business casual wide-leg jeans, go with the dark color and add a third-layer piece. Adding a layering piece like a blazer or denim jacket to get a complete look gives you a more polished look.

    To make a lovely casual style, with the dark flare jeans, add cropped style simple top. To boho-inspired and casual way to style bell-bottoms, add high-waisted jeans and tops; it is more balanced your look. 


    5. White bell-bottoms style

    White bell-bottoms feel so fun, and these 70s styles inspired every woman. Pair them with the graphic tee or a blouse-style tank top. With the white jeans and dark top, add a blue denim jacket, which helps change your look fine to fabulous.

    Whenever styling for spring, the light-dark combination and boots for girls are perfect. Try the best online boutique combinations; obviously, it works perfectly for you.


    Shop the perfect look:

    To add a layer on bell-bottoms can be tough, as you want to make sure you are not adding too much volume. Try to keep things slim and smart. Do you love wide-leg jeans styles? Visit the Paisley Grace Boutique, which provides the best tips and makes you feel comfy after adding bell-bottoms! Try this lovely bell-booms trend with the above-given cozy tips!

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